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The Millennial Myth

Have you worked out Millennials yet? What you need to know [e-book]

By Nicola Vass - 29th August 2018  |  HR Director

All too often ‘Millennial’ is perceived as a dirty word with a myriad of negative connotations. Is this justified or merely misguided?

Millennials are the generation born from the 1980s to mid-1990s. They are more likely to hold liberal political ideologies, less likely to practice religion than previous generations, and grew up in the age of technology. While this is an accurate definition, a quick Google search will provide you with plenty of views… and it’s not pretty!

Over the years both society and the media have painted younger generations in a negative light. This concept is nothing new and appears to be cyclical in nature. As with previous generations, there is a fear of the unknown – individuals that are different. A number of misconceptions arise, and we call these the ‘Millennial Myth’:

Millennial Myth

While there is a myth, what we uncover in our e-book, HR Managers Guide: The Millennial Myth, is the Millennial Truth. This e-book explores exactly who Millennials are, how society perceives them, and how you can effectively engage and integrate them into your organisation.

So, how can your management team ensure that you are attracting and engaging Millennials in your organisation?

Download the e-book below to read about our top 4 strategies for engaging Millennials.

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