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The INS Team


Meet the Directors

The Directors of INS Career Management first worked together on the NSW Government rail reforms (2004 ? 2008) that displaced over 3000 staff. While they each approached the project from a different perspective, their goals were the same ? to achieve a successful outcome for the organisations and their excess employees.

Not only did they achieve their goals, they also formed a close alliance. Mutual respect for their respective skills, achievements and experience across industries and functions, is the backbone of the INS business model.

? Roslyn Mitchell, CEO

? Gwenda Durham, Director of Marketing & Program Innovation

? Sophia Symeou, Director of Business Development & Governance

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INS Directors

INS Directors: Gwenda Durham, Sophia Symeou & Roslyn Mitchell

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Meet our team

Our programs are successful because of our people. Each member of the team is carefully chosen for:

? Their diversity of experience and expertise
? Their respect and understanding for excess employees
? Their drive to succeed and achieve positive outcomes
? Their passion and love for their work
? Their fit with other team members

INS Teams are outlined below. Please click through to read more on each.

? Executive Team
? People & Placements Team
? Programs Team
? Redeployment Team
? Support Services

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The INS team


Executive & Corporate Team

Steering the organisation?s strategic direction to manage the necessary steps for sustainable growth, the Corporate team are driven to create workforces for the future and to be a formidable force for good!

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People & Placements Team

The People and Placements Team is a critical linchpin in the unique INS career transition process.

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Programs Team

The Programs Team dedicates focus on the design, development, delivery and evaluation of specialist career management and transition services and products.

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Redeployment Team

The Redeployment Team specialises in the development and delivery of a unique career transition model for excess government employees.

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Coaching Team

Our specialist Career Coaches offer individual coaching sessions which are solution-focused, and deliver group workshops in career transition and development for individuals in all stages of their careers.

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Support Services

Our Support Services Team and responsible for ensuring organisational effectiveness and efficiency across all INS operations.

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