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Stephanie:??INS Transitional Managers develop a personal interest in helping you do well. It?s great to work with people who are as excited about your progress as you are.?

Vivianne has highly recommended the program praising the ?supportive and knowledgeable staff. INS can definitely help you with your career plan.?

Brian:??It [The Career Transition Program] made me more confident and has instilled a self-belief that I can still make a contribution in the workplace.?

Don:??The program provided a period of time to adjust my thinking to my life ahead and has assisted me in planning my future.?

Caroline:??I have given positive feedback to all my colleagues. It should be noted at all times all INS staff were both professional and supportive. INS has created a very good, positive learning environment.?

When asked whether Stephanie found the module on resume informative she responded:??This is the best session on resume writing I?ve ever been to. I?m willing to bet it?s the best in Australia?

Marina:??I have a more positive outlook with a lot more tools than I had ever thought possible, with the support to try new fields not previously considered.?

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