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INS provides practical HR and career transition solutions for public sector organisations at all stages of the workforce life-cycle.

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Organisational Design and Role Definitionhigh res org design

Organisational design is crucial in planning and executing restructures and reform to progress your organisation’s strategic goals. It is the process of aligning your people, process and structure to achieve your outcomes. Role definition is a key part of this process as it allows you to gain new insight into how your organisation performs, and what roles are necessary to meet organisational goals.

How we’ve helped our clients

We help HR align their structure, people and processes through:

  • Reform implementation services
  • Review of employment conditions and entitlements
  • Strategic planning, recruitment strategies and processes for new structures
  • Communication and change management
  • Advising staff of restructuring outcomes
  • Redundancy and redeployment arrangements

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high res recruitmentRecruitment and Onboarding

As HR, you’d know that selecting the right person for the right role can be challenging. Resumes, interviews and reference checks are important. Psychometric tests can provide you with some more insight but they don’t always mean you’re selecting the best fit. Your recruitment and onboarding process should incorporate a combination of work-based assessments, Position Descriptions and Capability Frameworks.

How we’ve helped our clients

  • Bespoke work-based and familiarisation assessments
  • Detailed reporting of assessment results
  • Position descriptions aligned to relevant capability frameworks
  • Training for recruitment teams
  • Development, review and modification of capability frameworks integrated with performance development
  • Workshops on implementing capability frameworks and training recruitment managers

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Performance Developmenthigh res performance

Many organisations in both the public and private sector make the mistake of focusing on performance management rather than performance development. Your capability framework can help you meet these challenges and deliver your workforce management goals. Capability frameworks offer a new focus for performance development that staff are embracing as a welcomed new direction for both their personal and professional development. It effectively establishes expectations for employees and managers, provides employees with continual coaching, and creates a strong sense of accountability in your workforce.

How we’ve helped our clients

  • Integrating capability framework and career development
  • Strategies and training to attract, develop and retain employees
  • Integrate staff capability development, career planning and leadership development

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high res capabilityCapability and Career Development

Career development is the process of realising a personally determined sequence of learning and work roles. Organisations who value engagement help their employees to develop their career journey byproviding opportunities and discussing their aspirations. In turn, people are more engaged as these opportunities make their work more meaningful. This makes career development support vital for HR to build employee engagement and performance in your organisation.

How we’ve helped our clients

  • Career development and career motivation solutions
  • Career coaching for individuals
  • Bespoke workshops and action learning programs (real training ROI)
  • Self-assessment tools to identify transferable skills, aptitudes and compatibility
  • Career development and various learning and development workshops

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Mobility and Transitionhigh res mobility

Talent mobility refers to an employee’s ability to change roles within their organisation and across the sector. This role variety allows individuals to adopt new skills and bring with them improved processes and a broader-scope outlook. It can be used to enable your people and your organisation to achieve their potential faster. It benefits employees by supporting career and capability development, broadening skills, facilitating knowledge sharing, and supporting collaboration.

We understand mobility and how it can be effectively utilised within your organisation. We have worked closely with all NSW government clusters through our facilitation of the FACS Government Mobility Pathway. Click here to download our case study (coming soon).

How we’ve helped our clients

  • Talent mobility preparation and case management
  • Ava AI-enabled talent-role matching platform coming soon
  • Managing excess employees and outplacement
  • Resilience, resume, interview skills, career transition workshops and coaching
  • Talent mobility program development

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