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Mobility Programs

Facilitating mobility, collaboration and capability development

The INS Mobility Program delivers an easy and practical approach to supporting mobility, resource sharing and capability development across and between government and private sectors.

The essential components of the INS Mobility program include:

  • Facilitating mobility within & across agencies and public sector
  • 2-way mobility between NSW government and local, federal, private and not-for-profit sectors
  • Integration into an agency’s workforce plan
  • Making better use of staff capabilities increasing organisational ability to respond to change and innovation
  • Employee development – broadening skills and experience
  • Proactive management of employees impacted by reform / restructures / outsourcing

Our Mobility Program has four components:

  • Job Exchange where two agencies swap resources – they can be like for like or in different areas/levels depending on agency needs
  • Placement – managed short-term secondment to another organisation
  • Internal Management Mobility – supporting managers internally to broaden their management exposure outside of their traditional expertise
  • Permanent Placement – working with employees impacted by reform, pre-excess to find alternative career paths
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