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Work-Based Assessments


Work-based assessments are a useful, cost effective recruitment tool that can help predict a person’s performance in a given role, enabling hiring managers to recruit with more confidence. INS develops and delivers work-based assessments that simulate common work situations to effectively evaluate a candidate’s capabilities. The candidate participates in a series of tasks related to the role they are applying for.

What do we offer?

  • Design of bespoke assessments
  • Delivery of work-based assessments
  • Detailed reports with assessment results
  • Hiring of our Assessment Centre
  • Design and delivery of familiarisation assessments
  • Training for facilitators, assessors, and role players involved in work-based assessments
  • Training on reasonable adjustments for assessments
To find out more, register to download our Work-Based Assessments Guide. The guide contains a sample work-based assessment, role description, and assessment report.

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