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INS have worked with government agencies at all levels for over 20 years. We understand how important an adaptive workforce is to reform and continually deliver value to the public.

We know how government works, and we understand the unique issues you face. Our services help public sector organisations develop and deliver their HR strategies, while aligning them to capability frameworks.

Career Transition / Outplacement Services & Workshops

Sensitively and cost-effectively manage excess employees and prepare them to take new opportunities with dignity.

Career Development Services & Workshops

Supporting individuals to take charge of their career development and understand the capabilities they require for their current role and career progression

Organisational Restructures | Reform Implementation

INS offers a range of services in planning and executing organisational restructuring and reform to progress an organisation's corporate, strategic goals

Recruitment Tools & Training

INS tailors recruitment tools and training to attract and recruit talented employees aligned with organisational needs and culture

HR Consulting Services

Strategic and practical HR and IR solutions to support successful people and policy initiatives

Talent Mobility Programs

The INS Mobility Program delivers an easy and practical approach to supporting mobility, resource sharing and capability development

Learning & Development Services

INS provide a broad range of interactive learning and development programs that build both individual and organisational capability

NSW Public Service Capability Framework Implementation

Our GSE Adoption Accelerator packages cut down the time and effort for your cluster and agency to progress towards a comprehensive implementation.

Work-Based Assessments

Work-based assessments are a useful, cost effective recruitment tool that can help predict a person’s performance in a given role, enabling hiring managers to recruit with more confidence.
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