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INS provides HR consulting and practical people solutions for the public sector.

We have worked with government agencies at all levels for over 20 years. So, we understand how important an adaptive workforce is to reform and continually deliver value to the public. We know how government works, and we understand the unique issues you face.

Our services help public sector organisations develop and deliver their HR strategies, while aligning them to capability frameworks.

Talent Mobility Programs
Help your people and your agency achieve their potential faster.

Restructure Placement Pathways reduce redundancies and help displaced staff find new roles within your agency or the sector.

Career Development Pathways keep talent within your agency or sector while they develop their career in new roles.

Talent mobility is a critical yet underutilised recruitment and development tool. It allows agencies to efficiently respond to change and innovation through resource allocation, and creates significant cost savings. It benefits employees by supporting career and capability development, broadening skills, facilitating knowledge sharing, and supporting collaboration.

INS understands talent mobility and how it can be effectively utilised in organisations. We have worked closely with all NSW government clusters through our facilitation of the FACS Government Mobility Pathway project. For information on this project, read our case study (coming soon).

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HR Consulting
Accelerate workforce performance and fulfil the promise of capability frameworks.

Capability Frameworks provide a common foundation for government agencies to improve recruitment processes, role definitions, performance development, and workforce planning.

Your organisational goals become possible when you develop the right workforce capabilities. When implemented correctly, capability frameworks improve hiring processes, organisational performance, and people performance.

A common framework strengthens workforce development processes and achieves organisational and sector goals.

At INS, we understand that implementing capability frameworks can be complex. So, we’ve broken this approach into four prioritised, manageable steps. We call this our Implementation Roadmap.

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Career Transition and Development
Workshops and coaching to change jobs with confidence.

Managing excess employees and providing sensitive, cost-effective assistance to prepare them for new opportunities is critical to the successful implementation of any restructure or reform.

Career transition happens when employees choose to, or need to change jobs. If done well, transition could see you keep good people, maintain your investment in people, and keep the knowledge your people hold.

Career development is the process of realising a personally determined sequence of learning and work roles. Employers who value engagement help their employees develop their career journey by providing opportunities and discussing their aspirations. In turn, people are more engaged as these opportunities make their work more meaningful.

Gallup reports 85% of employees are not engaged at work, and organisations with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers.

More and more people are looking for employers who provide them with active career development opportunities.This makes career development support vital for HR in order to build employee engagement and performance.

INS takes the pain of career transition away from agencies through outplacement services and tailored workshops.

INS provides one2one coaching, and career exploration and planning solutions that help employees realise their potential faster. For a detailed understanding of how our services can benefit you, read on here.

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