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Mobility Pathway for Development

6 steps to creating an effective mobility program for development

By Nicola Vass 9th May 2018  |  Government, Mobility

With an average job tenure of 3.3 years, Australia’s workforce is seeking mobility more than ever before. An average Australian will have five careers and 17 employers during their lifetime, with younger employees frequently changing careers, retraining, and moving. Studies have shown that employees leave their jobs when they no longer find it enjoyable, when their […]

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Myth-busting public sector mobility

By Nicola Vass 10th April 2018  |  Government, Mobility

Workforce mobility refers to an employee’s ability to change roles within their organisation and across the sector. This role variety allows individuals to adopt new skills and bring with them improved processes and a broader-scope outlook. The average Australian changes jobs approximately three times every decade, with an average tenure of 3 years and 4 […]

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Group Photo Of Stock Traders Team

How mobility develops an adaptive workforce while retaining and growing talent

By Nicola Vass 28th March 2018  |  Government, Mobility

Public sector organisations can more respond better to internal and external change by facilitating the mobility of talent to priority areas when needed. Whether a significant shift in public policy, increasing adoption of new technology, or a refocusing of an agency’s priorities, change continues to occur. We have all seen the pain of a senior […]

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