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What ‘Australian Jobs 2018’ means for your career change

By Nicola Vass 22nd May 2018  |  Career Management, Government, Individuals, Workforces for the Future

The Department of Jobs and Small Business has released the AUSTRALIAN JOBS 2018 publication. There are many signs of good news for young people, and people looking to change their career at any age. Importantly, employers are starting to value people’s attributes as much as they do technical skills. Highlights include: “Employability skills, or soft skills,…

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future of work

The future of work has arrived, so what next?

By Nicola Vass 1st May 2018  |  Individuals, Workforces for the Future

The future of work is here. The introduction of automation and robotics into the workplace is a topic that’s on everyone’s minds. Thinking about this concept can stir up a range of emotions; fear, excitement, anger, anticipation… We all have our individual perceptions on how the future of work will affect us. Depending on our…

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International Women’s Day: Closing the Gender Pay Gap

By Nicola Vass 12th March 2018  |  Career Management, Individuals

In a time where the gender pay gap is widely recognised but has not yet been overcome, how do women secure well-paying positions in their field? 1. Know your value Getting a great job takes a lot of legwork, and one of the most important elements of that preparation is research. Researching the salary range…

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2 must-haves for a perfect resume

By Nicola Vass 25th January 2018  |  Career Management, Individuals

What makes a good resume? Tuesday’s news.com.au article the reassuring title “What your CV should look like” is the latest in a long line of ‘last words’. Based on Australian job site Adzuna’s analysis of 50,000 CVs the article highlights these four ‘most common’ avoidable errors: incomplete employment history incorrectly formatted file names CVs that…

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Robot giving a document to a woman in the office


By David White 21st December 2017  |  Government, Individuals, Workforces for the Future

Are we taking technology a step too far? The rise and rise of technology and its impacts on everyday life can be seen practically everywhere. Everything, from how we entertain ourselves to how we work, has experienced drastic change over the years. Some of us hate it, whilst others embrace it. The impact of technology on the way…

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Nervous man


By David White 14th November 2017  |  Career Management, Individuals

Every week, INS runs workshops to coach participants on how to put their best foot forward in a job interview. Inevitably at every workshop, someone asks the question “How can I feel less nervous before an interview?” Despite what the pharmaceutical companies might claim, there is no magic bullet for curing pre-interview anxiety. But there…

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Grandma DJing. https://www.facebook.com/theageofhappiness/


By David White 16th October 2017  |  Career Management, Individuals

Dividing individuals into groups based on age is a concept that’s always irked me. We’ve heard the terms ‘Baby Boomer’, ‘Gen Y’ and more recently ‘Millennials’ being thrown around left, right and centre. It’s baffling that many modern-day companies still focus on these age-based demographics in order to ‘give customers what they want’.  But think…

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INS Common Cents


13th July 2017  |  Career Management, Individuals

I was asked to write a blog targeted to teens and school leavers. This is something I’m not used to and saw this as quite the challenge. To be honest, despite being only 33, I feel out of touch with today’s youth. Snapchat this bae Insta that brah The changes in our youth’s society are…

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The Best Advice


3rd July 2017  |  Career Management, Individuals

What is the best advice you have ever received? Does this question sound like a cliché? Take a moment to think back to all the usual suspects that offer you advice. Family, friends, teachers? Even social media? As you sift through the various pieces of advice that you have received, take a moment to consider…

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2nd June 2017  |  Career Management, Individuals

What are your salary expectations? Your answer to this question can very much be a make-or-break factor when it comes to landing a job. Asking for an unrealistic pay package means you can kiss that job goodbye. While asking for something too low might become a financial burden or you could come across as lacking…

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