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Outplacement & Career Transition Services and Workshops

Career transiton solutions that work for individuals and their organisation

Critical to the successful implementation of any restructure or business change is the management of excess employees and the sensitive, cost-effective assistance to prepare employees for new opportunities.

INS is a leader in the provision of outplacement and career transition services providing custom solutions to fit an organisation’s need and budget and working with, from 1 to many thousands of employees.

Our multi-disciplinary approach provides you with professionals with backgrounds in counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, coaching, rehabilitation, facilitation, HR, industrial relations, recruitment and vocational placement services.

INS material and approaches reflect current research and practices. Our services and programs incorporate the latest research in neuroplasticity, mindfulness and learning. These include the findings of Dr Norman Doidge, psychiatrist and researcher who has outlined how our brain can change itself; John Assaraf who teaches us how the non-conscious mind controls 98% of our perception and behaviour and how we can counteract internal negative messaging; and Dr John Demartini’s work on values and personal transformation. It also incorporates the work of Gray Poehnell and Norman E. Amundson on Hope-Filled Engagement; and career transition pioneers such as John Hollands on applying current skills sets to new types of roles; and Dick Knowdell in identifying an individual’s skills and talent.

Our core services include:

  • Resilience and well-being workshops and coaching sessions for employees to better manage change
  • One2One career transition assistance with resume, applications and interview preparation
  • Outplacement services to support a positive, effective career transition
  • Redeployment Services – assisting employees to find new opportunities within your organisation where appropriate
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