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Capability Implementation Roadmap. 1 Prepare. 2 Engage Staff. 3 Update Position Descriptions. 4 Integrate into workforce processes

Four step roadmap to implement the LGNSW Capability Framework

By Nicola Vass 18th April 2018  |  Capability Framework, Government

Capability Frameworks provide a common foundation for you to improve and integrate your recruitment, role definition, performance development, and workforce planning processes. Local Government NSW’s (LGNSW) Capability Framework is rising in popularity as a means for local councils to achieve their workforce development goals. We understand that this golden future can be difficult to achieve. Through…

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Myth-busting public sector talent mobility

By Nicola Vass 10th April 2018  |  Government, Mobility

Workforce talent mobility refers to an employee’s ability to change roles within their organisation and across the sector. This role variety allows individuals to adopt new skills and bring with them improved processes and a broader-scope outlook. The average Australian changes jobs approximately three times every decade, with an average tenure of 3 years and…

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Public Sector Show Debrief

By Nicola Vass 6th April 2018  |  Government

INS were proud to attend the Public Sector Show in Canberra last Tuesday. The focus of the conference was transforming people, processes, tools and technology for a better government. Our CEO, Sophia Symeou, hosted a round table on the topic “How supporting your employees’ career development through Capability Frameworks and Attribute Based Learning will help…

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How talent mobility develops an adaptive workforce while retaining and growing talent

By Nicola Vass 28th March 2018  |  Government, Mobility

Public sector organisations can respond better to internal and external change by facilitating talent mobility to priority areas when needed. Whether a significant shift in public policy, increasing adoption of new technology, or a refocusing of an agency’s priorities, change continues to occur. We have all seen the pain of a senior manager struggling to…

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INS at the Public Sector Show

By Nicola Vass 20th March 2018  |  Government

Every year 1,000 public sector professionals gather in Canberra with the aim of delivering a smarter, more sustainable government. The conference is called the Public Sector Show and it will be held on March 27. The focus of Public Sector Show is around transforming people, processes, tools and technology for a better government. INS is…

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International Women’s Day: Closing the Gender Pay Gap

By Nicola Vass 12th March 2018  |  Career Management, Individuals

In a time where the gender pay gap is widely recognised but has not yet been overcome, how do women secure well-paying positions in their field? 1. Know your value Getting a great job takes a lot of legwork, and one of the most important elements of that preparation is research. Researching the salary range…

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Public Sector Capability Framework: the top 4 risks caused by a rushed foundation

By Nicola Vass 3rd March 2018  |  Capability Framework, Government

We’ve all been here before. Yet another legislative change that requires reform or new adjustments. We usually implement reforms because we have to or are forced to adapt, but the most appropriate and satisfying time to implement any change is when we can clearly see the benefits. Change is not easy, but when implemented correctly,…

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Top 3 benefits your council can achieve from implementing the NSW Local Government Capability Framework

By Nicola Vass 15th February 2018  |  Capability Framework, Government

You may have heard about the new NSW Local Government Capability Framework, developed with involvement from both elected and employee local government representatives across the state and approved by the LGNSW Board in August 2017.

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2 must-haves for a perfect resume

By Nicola Vass 25th January 2018  |  Career Management, Individuals

What makes a good resume? Tuesday’s news.com.au article the reassuring title “What your CV should look like” is the latest in a long line of ‘last words’. Based on Australian job site Adzuna’s analysis of 50,000 CVs the article highlights these four ‘most common’ avoidable errors: incomplete employment history incorrectly formatted file names CVs that…

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By David White 21st December 2017  |  Government, Individuals, Workforces for the Future

Are we taking technology a step too far? The rise and rise of technology and its impacts on everyday life can be seen practically everywhere. Everything, from how we entertain ourselves to how we work, has experienced drastic change over the years. Some of us hate it, whilst others embrace it. The impact of technology on the way…

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