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Creating Workforces for the Future

INS is a specialist organisation providing practical people management solutions that align people, process and structure to create workforces for the future. INS recognises that harnessing the skills and well-being of employees is critical to delivering on corporate objectives, whether through recruitment, restructures or career progression, it is people who hold the keys to business success. Working with INS, individuals are supported to walk into the future with confidence; and organisations are supported to fulfil their role as ethical and socially responsible employers while maintaining productivity and cost effectiveness.

Government Services
INS works with Government Agencies to review organisational requirements or embark on reforms. We deliver tailored solutions that improve the success and return on investment of key organisational initiatives.
Business Services
INS uses its unique multidisciplinary capacity to deliver business transformation, human resource management, career transition and capability development projects adding value to your business, and progressing your key organisational objectives.
Individual Services
Our range of services can help you with any aspect of your career or job search, or through our One2One coaching we can build a solution that?s right for you.
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INS Common Cents


I was asked to write a blog targeted to teens and school leavers. This is something I?m not used to and saw this as quite the challenge. To be honest, despite being only 33, I feel out of touch with today?s youth. Snapchat this bae Insta that brah The changes in our youth’s society are […]

The Best Advice


What is the best advice you have ever received? Does this question sound like a clich?? Take a moment to think back to all the usual suspects that offer you advice. Family, friends, teachers?. even social media? As you sift through the various pieces of advice that you have received, take a moment to consider […]


Your answer to this question can very much be a make-or-break factor when it comes to landing a job. Asking for an unrealistic pay package means you can kiss that job goodbye. While asking for something too low might become a financial burden or you could come across as lacking confidence and feeling the need […]

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