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Creating Workforces for the Future

INS is a specialist organisation providing practical people management solutions that align people, process and structure to create workforces for the future. INS recognises that harnessing the skills and well-being of employees is critical to delivering on corporate objectives, whether through recruitment, restructures or career progression, it is people who hold the keys to business success. Working with INS, individuals are supported to walk into the future with confidence; and organisations are supported to fulfil their role as ethical and socially responsible employers while maintaining productivity and cost effectiveness.

Government Services
INS works with Government Agencies to review organisational requirements or embark on reforms. We deliver tailored solutions that improve the success and return on investment of key organisational initiatives.
Business Services
INS uses its unique multidisciplinary capacity to deliver business transformation, human resource management, career transition and capability development projects adding value to your business, and progressing your key organisational objectives.
Individual Services
Our range of services can help you with any aspect of your career or job search, or through our One2One coaching we can build a solution that’s right for you.
Latest Blog Posts

Top 10 Tips for Collaboration

Collaboration and teamwork are both areas that can take time to develop and implement. More recently it’s becoming more and more common that ‘supervisors’ are becoming ‘team leaders’, and businesses are learning the true value of teamwork in the process. Here are our top ten tips on how to collaborate together successfully, to achieve something great. […]


Unhappy at work? Rediscover the career you love

According to beyondblue.org, 46% of Australian workers consider their workplace as being mentally unhealthy.  These are incredibly alarming statistics, and in this issue of Career Chronicles I’d like to focus on a particular area which could be contributing to mental health, and state of mind in the work place. Although mental illness can stem from a […]

Benefits of older workers

The benefits of employing older workers

In the past four years, INS has worked with more than 2,000 people at various stages of their career with 60% of these being over 45 years and 29% being over 55 years. Over this period, we have come across considerable misconceptions (both individual’s, and organisational) regarding mature age workers prompting us to look at […]

"The staff at INS are falling over themselves to help you. The staff open your mind, show you the potential you have, what your strengths are and what weaknesses you need to work on, which enables you to move forward."
"At INS there is a very positive vibe - the staff encourage you and help improve your frame of mind. Within one week at INS, I had applied for a couple of roles, I was offered both jobs!"
"My experience with INS has been excellent. If you really want to find a job, you have great help here."
“INS make the light at the end of the tunnel brighter and bigger than you may think, and will help make you a professional and sought-after commodity.”
Kevin Frew
KevinOffice of Sport
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